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Linke Spalte

Chiropractic therapy

We can quickly get out of balance just by making a wrong movement or pulling a muscle - even if we don’t suffer a severe injury. Your head and neck might have been hurting for a while now, maybe you have back ache or perhaps a joint that just doesn´t want to straighten properly. Who hasn’t experienced this at one time or another?

Here in our practice, we offer you the possibility to "set yourself right" following a detailed examination of your body.

Rechte Spalte


Or, we can help you with more gentle methods - the muscle-energy technique – can help to get seized up joints or aching muscles back into shape. Trigger-point therapy plays a special role here as well, especially with stiff muscle areas.

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Academic Practice of the Ruhr-University Bochum / "Master of Chiropractic", graduated at Ackermann College, Stockholm, Sweden