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Linke Spalte

Natural Healing Methods

Maybe you are not totally sure about conventional medicine and want, now, to choose natural ways and methods to improve the conditions of your health?

Many of our patients have talked to us about this. We recognise We have talked with many patients who have raised such concerns we are familiar with their wishes. We are ready and able to help you in this way.

The following diagnoses and forms of therapies have been long-since applied sucessfully worldwide and are also offered by us in our practice.

Rechte Spalte


  • Efferent methods such as:
  • Adjuvant tumor therapy
  • Autohemotherapy,
  • Bach flower therapy,
  • Blood-letting and exsanguination,
  • Colon cleansing,
  • Detoxification (not for drugs),
  • Immune modulation,
  • Mistletoe therapy,
  • Neutral therapy following the Huneke method,
  • O2 compartment pressure measurement,
  • O2 multistep therapy following the Ardenne method,
  • Orthomolecular therapy,
  • Skin wave therapy,
  • Therapeutic fasting,
  • Trigger-point therapy.

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