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Linke Spalte

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine practice covers the pains, ailments and injuries of the average active person, as well as the treatment of top competition athletes, to whom we provide both advice and treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders are at the forefront of our practice. We can also offer specialist performance analysis of sporting injuries at the Hellersen Sport Clinic.

Rechte Spalte


We carry out orthopaedic injections and hands-on chiropractic treatments ourselves. These can be complemented by a range of manual treatments using the muscle-energy technique, trigger-point therapy, pain decoders, shock wave and simulation current therapy.

We can also provide complete examinations of sporting fitness (for individuals and for squads) and fitness checks for diving (in accordance with GTÜM regulations).

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Practice Dr. med. Roland Kretsch, Farnstraße 59, 44789 Bochum, Phone +49 234 308060, Telefax +49 234 308058, info@praxis-dr-kretsch.de

Academic Practice of the Ruhr-University Bochum / "Master of Chiropractic", graduated at Ackermann College, Stockholm, Sweden