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Linke Spalte

Insurance Card (Chip card)

Please bring your card to your first visit after the beginning of every quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st) for administrative reasons!


All of the information needed by you for a specialist is here in our practice and is at your disposal. Therefore, it is important that every visit to a specialist is carried out with a transfer from us. This is the only way to be sure to avoid the loss of information and unnecessary repetition of examinations.


Please pick up the first prescriptions - with your chip card - every quarter as best as possible yourself. Repeated prescriptions can then be ordered by telephone throughout the respective quarter.


Please make an appointment for every visit to our practice so that the waiting times are as short as possible. The following examinations and treatments are only available with an appointment:

  • Certficates
  • Preventative check-ups
  • Suitability for sport
  • Preventative cancer check-ups
  • Skin screening
  • Medical opinions
  • Certificates of health
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Natural medicine treatments
  • Laboratory examinations
  • Psychological discussions
  • Individual health performance evaluations (Igel)
  • EKG / Lung function

Rechte Spalte

House visits / emergencies

We are happy to carry out house calls. Exact details of the length and type of grievance, as well as previously received treatments, are important for us in order to determine the degree of severity of the ailment. However, if you are somehow able to reach our practice with the help of relatives or friends, we would both prefer and welcome this.

Substitution / Standby duty

Our patients are medically provided for round the clock: The medical standby service is available outside of our office hours (Wednesdays, weekend and public holiday) or a doctor from ourpool of substitutes in the neighborhood is als always available for you. While the doctor is on holiday, carrying out further medical training or providing medical care for athletic events, responsibility will be taken over by a colleaque from our practice or one from the neighborhood. Please get particular information either from the current notices in the practice or from the answering machine.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Dr. Kretsch´s practice: +49 234 30 80 60
  • Medical Emergency Service: +49 234 116 117
  • Dentist Emergency Service: +49 234 77 00 55
  • Ambulance Service ASB: +49 234 1 92 12
  • Emergency / Fire Department: 112
  • Poison Emergency: +49 234 1 92 40
  • Religious Counseling: +49 800 1 11 01 11
  • Women´s Shelter: +49 234 50 10 34


Practice Dr. med. Roland Kretsch, Farnstraße 59, 44789 Bochum, Phone +49 234 308060, Telefax +49 234 308058, info@praxis-dr-kretsch.de

Academic Practice of the Ruhr-University Bochum / "Master of Chiropractic", graduated at Ackermann College, Stockholm, Sweden