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On this website you can find out about our practice and the range of treatments and specialist therapies we provide. The focus of our practice is general practitioner care. But beyond that we can also offer you a variety of specialized therapies in the areas of sports medicine, chiropractic therapy and natural healing methods.

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Dr. med. Roland Kretsch

Das Team der Praxis Dr. Kretsch

Our practice opened on 01. February 2016 in this building in Farnstraße 59.


Practice Dr. med. Roland Kretsch, Farnstraße 59, 44789 Bochum, Phone +49 234 308060, Telefax +49 234 308058, info@praxis-dr-kretsch.de

Academic Practice of the Ruhr-University Bochum / "Master of Chiropractic", graduated at Ackermann College, Stockholm, Sweden